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Over 75 NEW projects developed in the last 6 years (2013- to Date)


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After 50+ years experience in the plastic Industry ADAPT is formed to become the most reliable partner/supplier providing solutions through each of their divisions.
Building the most capable and multitask team in the Industry and committed to deliver the highest quality services through our core values.
We will ADAPT our High productive resources in order to contribute to our customers success and become the most reliable place to work.

Iker Forcén
CEO & Founder


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Committed to a Circular Economy with limitless possibilities


Engineered and manufactured quality, customized materials and parts.


Over 75 NEW projects developed in the last 6 years (2013- to Date)

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For Business inquiries: Please fill our feedback form or contact us – (+52) 442-299-7070., our team help you with in 24 hours.

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    Adapt has been designing and manufacturing plastic parts and plastic injection molds since 1968. We have continuously run under the same family ownership since its doors opened over 51 years ago. Our design and engineering teams have over 250 combined years of experience and provide personal attention to your project. We try to be flexible to accommodate our customers constantly changing schedules and provide outstanding customer service to go along with our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality systems and procedures. We are a one-stop shop and look forward to helping our customers overcome challenges in bringing their product to market the right way the first time.

    Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process in which plastic resin is melted and injected under high pressure into a mold and then cools to form a particular shape or geometry. Injection molding is a great way to manufacture plastic parts consistently, with tight tolerances, and often offers the lowest cost per part especially at high volumes. There is a wide array of resins and additives available depending upon the application of the parts needed. Adapt specializes in compounding engineering and high performance resins for added strength, performance, and resistance to degradive elements.

    50+ years of experiences to give you better results.